Flavor of Hawaii

Project Detail

Flavor of Hawaii is a vacationer website which provides the food restaurants information based in city of Hawaii and surrounded areas. It is providing the online reservation facilities prior to visit Hawaii for travelers and tourists, with up-to-date price information, food tariffs and menus.

Ktech has dealt with sturdy and doable on-page optimization with relevant keyword placements and tag cloud. Customized widgets stuffs and convictional categories have also been led in website’s layout. Strikingly arranged the blog posts with latest food information and put the subscription newsletter feature for users to be updated about latest up-comings.

Ktech sol has upturned the visibility of the site which is user friendly and guaranteed the client to steered clear of the bounce rates. Ktech has opened up the PPC accounts to get high search volumes and it has recovered the cost of client in days. Unique and qualitative content with Meta stuffs are utilized to increase the stay of organic user. We are believed to transform the organically appeared user into direct loyal client as shortly we say “appeared as a client and leave as friend.

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