Matt Marshall & Company

Project Detail

Matt Marshall & Company is an industrial equipment supplier which is providing industrial mechanism solutions and repair services to south North Carolina and southern Virginia. Industrial services are seemed messy with lots of mechanical term and products, and quite difficult to designate such own business. Ktech sol has organized the whole specifications of the company and presented them as a pioneer body in town by demonstrating them on website in well-organized way, by arranging and categorizing their services and product classifications they are providing to their customers. We have equipped the site with comprehensive figures which defines the steam pressure and temperature of machines.

The site is showing its contact details prominently which facilitates the customers to get in touch instantly by making a query call. Ktech has got the hold of loyal traffic by building a subscription and newsletter feature, and it prevents the company to stay in touch with the direct clients in case if Google dumps the authority of site devoid of any reason by modifying its algorithm. The structure has carefully been built which prevents the Search Engines rolling hits. Additionally providing this feature the client is far satisfied and made them more craving to get safe walking along us.

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