Pruett’s Jewellry

Project Detail

Pruetts jewelry is diamond and exquisite stones traders, possessing the marvelous collection of vintage stones and gems. An authoritative trader which is certified by Alpha SSL secure site. Ktech has built the confident approach among Pruetts-users to develop business trusts and get the Pruetts certified by the authoritative bodies. Web re-designing has taken place according to the requirement of Pruetts since they were relying upon previous conventional layout which were gradually ended up and created dump impact on their business. Avoided and removed the old stuffs of the site which had not been more workable for client, restyled the whole structure and content according to current trends, included the FAQ, diamond trade up and education session to filled up bucket with useful and meaningful services but not a trash.

The low-competition trended keywords has been used. By having a lack of on-page factors and content creation process; we have made the real productive turning points for the best promotion. Ktech has placed appropriate validated links to earn the best co-citation Of SEO by link-buildings on relevant nich-ed parameters.

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